Our Aim

The Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups (RIFGs) aim to improve the management of inshore fisheries in the 0-12 nautical mile zone of Scottish waters, and to give commercial inshore fishermen a strong voice in wider marine management developments.


North & East Coast

The North and East Coast Regional Inshore Fisheries Group covers the area between Durness on the north coast and all the east coast down to Burnmouth by the border with England.

The Group was established in April 2016 and succeeds the Moray Firth & North Coast Inshore Fisheries Group and East Coast Inshore Fisheries Groups, that were in place from 2013 to 2016.

West Coast

The West Coast Regional Inshore Fisheries Group covers from Cape Wrath in the north to the national border with England in the Solway Firth, including the Inner Hebrides and Firth of Clyde.

The Group was established in April 2016 as an amalgamation of the former South West and North West Inshore Fisheries Groups.

Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides Regional Inshore Fisheries Group covers inshore waters from baselines between the Butt of Lewis and Barra Head. The sea  out from St Kilda, the Flannan Isles, North Rona and Sula Sgeir are also included within the Group's geographical scope. The boundaries with neighbouring Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups delineate a similar sea area to that proposed for the Western Isles Marine Region.

Orkney Sustainable Fisheries

Membership of Orkney Sustainable Fisheries is open to any active fishermen working in Orkney waters.

Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation

https://www.ssmo.co.uk/site/assets/files/1506/management_plan_summary.pdfShetland Shellfish Management Organisation manage and regulate the fisheries for shellfish within Shetland’s six mile limit, through the issue of licences and the implementation of regulations and other measures, to ensure the long-term sustainability of these fisheries.  The organisation promotes the recovery of shellfish stocks through stock enhancement and other management measures.





Scottish Coastline
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