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Orkney Sustainable Fisheries

Fisheries Management Plan

Orkney Sustainable Fisheries published their draft Management Plan here for Orkney's inshore fisheries. The plan outlines OSF's future aims and direction to help ensure that Orkney's inshore fisheries are well managed, sustainable, and profitable.


Membership of Orkney Sustainable Fisheries is open to any active fishermen working in Orkney waters.

Board members are elected on an open application basis with members co-opted to ensure widespread industry representation from each of the local sectors: static gear, scallop dredging, scallop diving, demersal fisheries, hand-lined mackerel, shellfish processing, live shellfish exports and local representative organisations. The Chairman is appointed by the Board with this being endorsed by Marine Scotland. The mechanism for appointing the Chair and their term in office will be determined in line with Marine Scotland’s national framework for Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups.

Board meetings are held quarterly with these being advertised on as well as the Marine Scotland website.

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