About Us

Who are we?

The RIFG network comprises 6 national groups where commercial fishers have a forum to explore local fisheries management initiatives, ensuring fishing businesses of all sizes have a strong voice in matters that affect them.

A new structure for the RIFG network was established in January 2023 which subdivides the west coast into two sections as well as taking a new approach to the Northern Isles.

The six groups are:

  • North and East Coast 
  • North West Coast 
  • South West Coast
  • Outer Hebrides
  • Orkney
  • Shetland

What do we do?

Engagement with fishing businesses of all sizes, throughout the region is a key aim of the RIFGs. The Chairs will hold regular meetings and encourage as wide attendance as possible by representatives of fishing and fish processing businesses. Sub groups may be utilised in order to address certain issues or areas.

The Chairs of each group sit on the national Fisheries Management and Conservation (FMAC) inshore sub-group, where there is opportunity to provide the wider stakeholder network with updates on the work of the RIFGs and give inshore fishers a voice within wider marine management.

Each group maintains an evolving Operational Plan, outlining their local areas challenges, delineated by fleet segment, target species, area or community, as appropriate. The Plan outlines projects and initiatives to promote the sustainable exploitation and improvement of the fisheries within their region.

Our Aim

To improve the sustainable management of inshore fisheries and to give commercial inshore fishers a voice in wider marine management developments.


We cover over 18,000 kilometers of the Scottish Coast line

Scottish Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups