Modernisation of the Inshore Fleet Privacy Notice

The Modernisation of the Inshore Fishing Fleet Programme (“the Programme”) is equipping our commercial inshore fleet with appropriate and proportionate vessel monitoring and tracking systems.

The Programme is part of our Fisheries Management Strategy 2020-2030 which sets out our policy initiatives to protect the environment, and support a strong, sustainable and resilient fishing industry. The Strategy explains that Marine Scotland will use appropriate Remote Electronic Monitoring (“REM”) in tailored and workable frameworks which deliver benefits to fishing fleets, help improve fisheries management and policies, help demonstrate compliance, and also aid interaction and planning within our shared marine waters.

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to achieve three things:

  1. Explain the way we will use the personal data collected under the Programme;
  2. Ensure that you understand what personal data we will collect from you and what we will do and will not do with this information; and,
  3. Hold us accountable for protecting your rights and privacy under this notice.

Please see attachment to read the full notice.

Privacy Notice for Modernisation of the Inshore Fleet (Scallop Vessels)


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Privacy Notice for Modernisation of the Inshore Fleet (Scallop Vessels)


Our Aim

The Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups (RIFGs) aim to improve the management of inshore fisheries in the 0-6 nautical mile zone of Scottish waters, and to give commercial inshore fishermen a strong voice in wider marine management developments.

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